20 March 2012

Martha Stewart Challenge: Glitter Ball Cookies

I am starting something I like to call the Martha Stewart Challenge. I got the Martha Stewart Cookies 2012 Calendar and it came with recipes for each month's cookies, so I will be making each cookie monthly (even though I am two months behind).

January's cookie is called a Glitter Ball. They are two little butter cookies rolled in sanding sugar and pressed together with a ginger honey frosting. There are no words for how amazing these cookies are. The butter cookies remind me of the free cookies I would get every time we went to Vons when I was little, so I am thrilled to finally have a recipe for them. I was concerned the ginger would be too overwhelming, but the cookies keep the frosting from being too strong. I definitely would not use the frosting on a cupcake though. That would be too much. 

Grade: A+, will (and have) make again. 


  1. Just so you know, I'm keeping a mental list called "All the Things Anna Has to Make Next Time I'm On The Same Continent" :D

  2. I can confirm that these are suuuuuper yummy (ours were blue & yellow! :D)!

  3. So "Glitter Ball Cookies" is the official name? I just called them "My Birthday Yummies"! :)